C-Scope CS4PI: Houston, I have a problem...

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C-Scope CS4PI: Houston, I have a problem... Empty C-Scope CS4PI: Houston, I have a problem...

Post  i-dig on Thu May 24, 2012 9:42 pm

Well today i went down to the beach, Havre des Pas just to get a feel for the new CS4PI; and all seemed well until I knocked the head, and it sounded-off ! Houston, I have a problem. Crying or Very sad

I got by and continued detecting, and decided this might just be the battery holder. It connects onto two spring terminals and although I re-tensioned these to apply more pressure, before installing the batteries, so I assumed it could still be the problem at the time. Once returning home I checked this, but it turned out to be an aircraft M3 locking nut, with it's screw, retaining the negative battery terminal spring contact thus, after a re-tension of both battery spring terminals, the problem was resolved. Smile

Anyway while out, the detector did what it is designed to do; it's an all metal detect, however I found one could adjust the frequency control, to provide some discrimination Exclamation... by adjusting from full frequency 4.1 but i think it's 5Khz, tuned down between 1.6 to 1.9Khz that's half the control range, below the recommended operational green sector; found that drink-can pull-tabs, old ring and flat types are not detected at any depth. Also, the usual top and bottom ends of these cans could almost be ignored, if a check before digging up the target is made by tuning the frequency control to full anti-clock 1Khz position... however, this depends upon the actual depth of the can ends; I found if they are a good 9" inch or more down, in my case at the clay level; then they are not detected. Suspect

If you could be bothered to make the frequency change after searching first in the 4.1-5Khz position, then just discriminate the target, at the lower frequencies before digging it up. Unfortunately, with this all metal PI detector, their is a risk one could pass that good find, if you ignore the trash and walk away... My feeling for this detector by experience, in building and use of PI's is that, the integration time is too-long; I can-not discern any change in the tone response, over a short or long duration.

Well, after all this faffing around, and three hours detecting, I am knackered... as expected from this beach, all i can show is lots of musket led shot. pirat

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